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Penzi Erotica is officially back!

I am so excited to have regained ownership my domain after a few years since I made mistake of not auto-renewing my domain. Another buyer purchased it right from under me. I won't let that mistake happen again. Now that I have reclaimed ownership I have designed a new website to re-engage with returning visitors as well as new ones. I chose a colorful theme which I may to change based on what I am writing or a related theme. The current header image is a stock photo I purchased for character inspiration. I hope you enjoy the new website. Read on to see what's new on Penzi Erotica.

What's New

  • Temporary Home- is currently hosted on the Blogger platform temporarily while I find a new home. Therefore, pages will be minimal. I will however blog regularly and share short erotic stories.
  • New or revised short erotic stories by Penzi
  • Fun Sidebar - Click the trigger in the upper right corner of your screen next to Search or the search icon on your mobile device t access the sidebar. The sidebar will open up to display the following:
  1.  Navigationa Menu
  2. Mini contact form to Send Me A Message
  3. Links to stories and books written by Penzi
  4. News & Announcements
  5. Mailing List subscribe form
  6. 2 Google Communites badges by Penzi
  7. Twitter feed
  8. Additional search bar at the bottom of the sidebar
  9. Visitor stats
To suggest a sidebar addition please leave a comment below.
  • Adult Sex Toy Store (Coming Soon) - I am currently curating a collection of sex toys and essentials to be sold on a separate website/online store. I am also creating a Sex Toy Club so that customers may buy in bulk at a discount or wholesale prices. I will also be announcing the need for sex toy testers who will receive free or bargain prices on items in exchange for product reviews. Sign up to receive a notification when the store is open for business or to become a tester.


Introducing the new Sqweel 2!


The Last 69

He wanted me on top of him in the sixty-nine position. He loved using his mouth to lick and nibble on my clit as he watched the juices flow from inside me. I waited until I felt the first slow flicker of his tongue, enjoying it for a few minutes before I reciprocated with a slow seductive swirl of my tongue causing him to freeze momentarily. I had to fight myself internally so that I wouldn't have an orgasm too quickly.
He began to slowly slide his tongue into my silken walls while I moaned and swirled my hips slowly to the rhythmic flicker of his hot mouth. He was such a pro at handling me that I orgasmed before I was ready. I tried to swallow his dick as I trembled and released my juices on his lips. He moaned loudly in satisfaction like he usually does when he is inside of me.
My favorite song began to play in the background. I created the playlist specifically for tonight. That was my queue. I decided to take control of the situation and orally catered to that dick the way I …

Slay This Sexy & Chic Pony Puff Ponytail Braid

Winter months require extra special care and attention to your hair. Protective styling makes it easy to give your hair a break. It also allows for you to try a new look temporarily. Try one of these styles in one of your next upcoming salon visits or suggest to a friend/lover/family member.
If you decide to try one the beautiful hairstyles share a link to your pic in comments below.
Source: The Braid Up  by Cosmopolitan
Hairstyle by Magic Fingers Studio located in Brooklyn, NY
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