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Emotional Roller-Coaster on Eggshells, A rant?

You require perfect communication All initiated by you. While I tread gingerly on eggshells Afraid of what, or what not to say or do Wondering if I said something wrong To suddenly not hear too much from you Something is this sudden shift has to be proof That nothing I ever do will completely satisfy you. Emotional Eggshells My shell is a vibrant pulsating pink hue Incessant longing, trembling, nervousness and anxiety Crushed under my persistent need to keep you happy I've come to this final conclusion That all along it has been your mission To break me down emotionally To keep me off kilter Never sure whether we are coming or going Impatiently waiting for when next you'll have me cumming and moaning Sexual Eggshells Emotional, sexual eggshells Perfectly broken and put back together by you Each time more fragile than before I have placed my tender body and mental state in your hands Emotional Hell Hell's Eggshells... © Copyright 2018 by P

Agent Provocateur (US)